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Hommage to Bruno and Willy

2015 April 17

See you tomorrow!

2015 April 8

The home straight

2015 April 6

North Atlantic is tough on the way back

2015 April 1

Man overboard

2015 March 23

The Doldrums, again

2015 March 20

Distance 100 miles

2015 March 18

The comeback of the South Atlantic

2015 March 17

Land ahoy!

2015 March 10

Land ahoy!!! We are also following your trip here in the swimmingpool... Bruno and Willy we hope you enjoy the last stretch of your adventure and send lot of energy your way. Big hug to you from the spanish synchronized swimming team.

Getting around Cape Horn

2015 March 6

Communication with the outside

2015 March 4

Cape Leeuwin

2015 February 13

The desalinator

2015 February 12

Phone connection with Willy Garcia

2015 February 10

The struggle against cold

2015 February 3

The relativity of victory

2015 January 30

This regatta that goes around the world nonstop and double, besides being an exciting competition, offers other human components. The harsh conditions experienced by the skippers require a titanic effort to beat the elements, exhaustion and stress. Maybe it still has more importance the letter sent last night by Willy and Bruno Garcia to Spirit of Hungary. Their words speak for themselves of the values that cherish our skippers:

Hello Nandor and Conrad,

Bruno and Willy aboard the We are Water here. We’ve been following your progress in the race from our boat every day, obviously, and yesterday we both decided that we had to tell you how impressed we are at your determination and skills. This is our first time sailing in these latitudes and we are discovering everything as wide-eyed amateurs and keen devotees of sailing and life. 

Jordi sent us a picture of your misfortune with the mainsail halyard and of you, Nandor, showing the repair you both performed. We don't think we’d be able to do such a fantastic repair job, although we do share with you an intense determination to finish as best as we can our round the world journey. We feel that we don't have the same skills as you, although we do share the fact that we also had very little time to prepare. We also realise that, as expected, we are not able to sail as fast as the leaders. So, up to now, what we have been are highly impressed spectators of nature, of speed sailing and of human skills and determination from everyone in the fleet, but particularly you two. Anyway, we want you to know that we are really proud to participate in such a great adventure with people like you, Conrad and Nandor. It really gives people a great idea of what double-handed sailing is like, or what it should be like. Above all, it shows us that it is not a boat’s or crew’s position in the race that proves their worth, but their story and their demonstration of determination and skills.

Good winds for all the fleet and long life to all the repairs!

The Big South

2015 January 29

The We Are Water leaves its solidarity message as it passes through the meridian that crosses Guinea-Bissau

2015 January 26

The We Are Water will soon face the storms of the Deep South

2015 January 22


South Atlantic High

2015 January 16

Hugo Boss leaves the competition

2015 January 15

The We Are Water navigates fifth in the Barcelona World Race

2015 January 15

The We Are Water has already crossed over the Equator and navigates in the southern hemisphere

December 31st was the start of the Barcelona World Race, a non-stop race around the world in which the We Are Water boat is participating.

Throughout this adventure, the brothers, Bruno and Willy Garcia, will carry the message of awareness about the problem of access to water and basic sanitation around the world. In this sense, the We Are Water Foundation have established some solidarity meridians that coincide with the projects that the Foundation collaborates with in different countries in the world with special actions to highlight this message.

The adventure of the brothers, Willy and Bruno Garcia, with the We Are Water started with some technical problems that made them slow their rhythm and lose the firsts positions.

January 6th, the fleet accelerated its speed upon its approach to the Canaries, where they set out two tactical options. While the Hugo Boss navigated more to the east, the pursued quartet went for the channel between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. A little behind, the One Planet One Ocean opted to follow the same tactic, while the We Are Water – seventh- decided to find another alternative.

Finally, the decision chosen by the Foundation’s boat was to pass the Canaries along the west side. As the Garcia brothers explained: “We thought it out and after consulting the weather reports with the options of our navigation program, we decided to pass the Canaries to the west. It is a long-term wager, looking for a good position to cross the doldrums.” The result was positive, because January 12th, after scoring the fastest voyage up to the date (342 miles in the last 24 hours), Bruno and Willy Garcia moved up a position in the classification, passing One Planet One Ocean.

They reached the second strategic point on their trip around the world: crossing the geographic equator, the named “Doldrums”, a meteorological convergence zone where winds are very low or even inexistent.  The morning of January 14th at 8:15 hours, the We Are Water did it, overcoming this issue.

From its departure last December 31st, Bruno and Willy Garcia took 13 days, 19 hours and 15 minutes to reach the other hemisphere.

Their good work in the final phase of the doldrums has allowed them to hold the sixth position, achieved last Monday. So, in the classification at 15 hours on the same day of the 14th, their advantage over One Planet One Ocean was 38 miles, while they raced at almost 11 knots. A speed slower than the leaders, who have been sailing for almost two days with more stable trade winds.

But at 21.02 of January 14th there were a surprise. Alex Thomson and Pepe Ribes, skippers of yacht Hugo Boss which was leading the Barcelona World Race, lost their mast and left the competition.

This means that the We Are Water is now in the fifth position.

They have several days ahead of them with cross winds before achieving the African southern point, the Cape of Good Hope. There will be time to start preparing We Are Water for the Southern Ocean, repairing small things, advancing some tasks and time for both captains to relax a little and charge their batteries.

Classification at 15 hours on January 15th

1st Cheminées Poujoulat (B.Stam/J.LeCam)   at 20.678 miles from finishing line

2nd Neutrogena (G.Altadill/J.Muñoz) at 17, 4 miles from the leader

3rd Gaes (A.Corbella/G.Marín) at 33, 1 miles from the leader

4th Renault Captur (J.Riechers/S.Audigane) at 177, 1 miles from the leader

5th WE ARE WATER (Bruno Garcia and Willy Garcia) at 415, 7 miles from the leader

6th One Planet One Ocean (A.Gelabert/D.Costa) at 472, 1 miles from the leader

7th Spirit of Hungary (N.Fa/C.Colman) at 615, 9 miles from the leader

Hugo Boss (A.Thompson/P.Ribes) retired of the competition because the loss of their mast 

The We Are Water Foundation participates in the Barcelona World Race for the second time

2014 December 31
  • The baptism of the boat had the Spanish Olympic synchronized swimming team as exceptional godmothers  
  • December 31st was the beginning of the Barcelona World Race which left from the city’s port

On December 31st, the fleet of eight boats of the Barcelona World Race started their non-stop journey to sail the world. It is the second participation of the We Are Water Foundation in this race and, in this edition, the team is formed by the skippers Bruno and Willy Garcia. Throughout this adventure, the brothers, Bruno and Willy Garcia, will spread the message of awareness about the lack of water and basic sanitation around the world.

The baptism of the boat was held on December 22nd and included the presence of some of the most water-related athletes in the country. They were Cristina Salvador, Paula Klamburg, Alba Cabello and Clara Basiana, members of the Olympic synchronized swimming team who were the godmothers of the event. Thus they joined the Foundation to transmit messages of commitment to water. Clara Basiana commented that “We are very happy to be part of this project because we also work in constant contact with water. It is an unstable medium and control is very important, so the preparation is very difficult. We wish Bruno and Willy the best of luck.

The We Are Water, together with the rest of the boats, set sail December 31st. Amongst all the meridians of the planet that the race will pass, there are 14 solidarity ones, corresponding to the points where the We Are Water Foundation has active projects and that will hold special value for the Foundation’s boat.

The team of the Garcia brothers can fulfil a shared dream to participate in this important competition “and we are doing it with a solidarity boat, the one of the We Are Water Foundation. We hope to be worthy bearers of this important message”.

14 meridians for just one message

2014 December 23
  • The 14 countries in which the Foundation undertakes its projects will mark the solidarity perspective of Bruno and Willy García’s trip around the world.
  • The Barcelona World Race carries the message of the We Are Water Foundation and frames it within the scientific and solidarity context of the regatta.
  • The Olympic synchronised swimming team christen the Foundation’s boat at its official presentation in the port of Barcelona.
  • Some messages should go around the world will be the slogan that will accompany the round-the-world trip of the We Are Water.

This project has several aspects, sporting, human and of solidarity, and for us the union of the three is basic”. These words of Bruno García, who with his brother Willy will carry the We Are Water message around the world, synthesise the essence of a project that once again unites the values of ocean sailing with the raising of awareness about the problems of water and sanitation in the world.


Bruno expressed himself in this way at the official presentation of the We Are Water team and project that took place yesterday, Monday, on the set of Barcelona Word Race, installed in the Portal de la Pau of the city of the counts. The presentation began with the welcome on behalf of the Barcelona World Race by Santi Serrat, editorial director of the Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB), organiser of the regatta, who recalled the 2010/11 race with Jaume Mumbrú and Cali Sanmartí, pointing out the importance that a project like that of We Are Water returns again to the round-the-world trip in duo and does so with renewed strength and in a setting more than ever endorsed by science.

Serrat quoted the conclusions reached by the scientists meeting in Barcelona at the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference last November, the most important oceanographic event of the decade organised by the FNOB together with the IOC-UNESCO and in which the We Are Water Foundation also collaborated: “Indeed, we are all water, and now science shows us that we are all the same water. Drinking water depends on seawater and vice versa, we are one planet and everything is interrelated. This is a good setting to develop the solidarity message of the We Are Water this year”.

The editorial director of the FNOB highlighted that in 2010 there were eight meridians of the solidarity projects that the We Are Water crossed, and which this year there will be 14 that Bruno and Willy will cross, since the projects that the We Are Water Foundation has developed since then have grown and are currently 20. He concluded celebrating the fact that also sailing on the boat will be the CorAvant solidarity campaign, which Bruno García supports and which worksfor children who suffer congenital heart diseases.


It was then the turn of Xavier Torras, director of the We Are Water Foundation, who pointed out the urgency of working for water and sanitation in the world and emphasised the importance of uniting values with ocean sailing: “We are especially pleased to return to form part of this adventure, four years after our first participation. During these four years, we have worked in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet, undertaking more than 20 aid projects. For us it is a luxury that our message to raise awareness about the importance of water takes a trip around the world with Bruno and Willy García’s boat”.

Bruno García, skipper of We Are Water, stated that he felt very excited about the project: “It's a sports project and behind it there are many people whom we thank for their support, Andor Serra as head of the FNOB, Jean Le Cam and Pepe Ribes, and the entire technical team is doing a good job. But we also have a solidarity task, delivering these messages. We hope to be worthy successors to Jaume and Cali Sanmartí”. His brother Willy acknowledged their gratitude to the We Are Water Foundation.

Xavier Torras then presented the members of the Olympic synchronised swimming team who support the IMOCA 60 We Are Water. “We're thrilled to be part of this project -said Clara Basiana representing the team- We also work in contact with water. It is an unstable environment and control is very important, so the preparation is very hard. Good luck to Bruno and Willy”.

The We Are Water will remain alongside the other seven participants in the Barcelona World race, moored in the jetty opposite the Portal de la Pau, at the foot of Barcelona’s popular Columbus statue. The regatta will start on the 31 December at 1300 hours local time.


14 meridians for a message that will go around the world

The “We Are Water meridians”, the geographic longitudes of the projects in which the Foundation collaborates, will once again be the solidarity reference of the trip around the world of the We Are Water in the Barcelona World Race.

At the last edition of the regatta in 2010/11, Jaume Mumbrú and Cali Sanmartí crossed eight meridians, and gave a voice to respective awareness-raising actions. The number of the Foundation’s projects has increased and are now more than 20, and in this regatta, Bruno and Willy will cross 14 meridians corresponding to where these projects are placed, in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Morocco, Ghana, Chad, the Democratic republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

You can follow the Barcelona World Race of the We Are Water at:

You can see the projects of the We Are Water Foundation at:


About the We Are Water Foundation

The We Are Water Foundation, promoted by the Roca company, has as objectives, on the one hand, to raise awareness amongst the general public and the administrations about the need to promote a new culture of water and, on the other hand, relieve the negative effects related to the lack of hydric resources, through the development of cooperation and aid programmes alongside diverse organisations such as Education without Frontiers, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Intermón Oxfam and UNICEF.